June Worship Guidelines

Since the Governor has now made all his guidance for churches non-mandatory, we now have another revision to how we will work;

If you are healthy and feel fairly secure in your ability to fight off the virus should it occur – then we will begin starting with the May 31 9:15 service allowing up to 20 people (about 25% of seating capacity) in Our Redeemer’s sanctuary for service (St John has room for even more). We will continue to social distance, use masks & hand sanitizer wisely. We will also begin to open up some use of the fellowship hall for church activities, at least for our voters meeting on June 3 at 7:30 PM. (more planning then)

If you feel less secure about potentially facing this virus, we will offer whatever you need to support you still receiving Word and Sacrament, both parking lot services and private communion appointments should be good options.

Even if are afraid you have the virus, we will still be having online services (likely moving to Facebook livestream). We can also continue our group phone call set-up for those who may not use internet.

Please let Pastor know your thoughts and concerns. This plan is where we are at after consulting with other area churches, our Circuit visitor, our Elders and the presidents of both St John and Our Redeemer. More discussion will be had at our voters meeting. That will be also available through Google Meet check in on Facebook on June 3 around 7:15 PM for an access code (or again – call Pastor).